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Scan Creative Lenses

When you initiate a Scan, a card of relevant Lenses will appear in the Scan Tray based on the object or scene you are Scanning. Simply tap the card to open up a Scan Lens Carousel to find the perfect Lens for the moment.

Through Snapchat’s camera, Scan identifies over 600 objects and scenes, with the list growing daily! When recognizable objects and scenes are scanned, relevant Lens cards appear in the Scan tray.

As a Lens Creator, contribute to our ever-increasing index of Scan Lenses by adding Scan Triggers to your Lenses. Scan Triggers help your Lenses appear when users Scan certain objects and scenes. This helps your Lenses to be discovered by Snap Camera, creating greater exposure and usage!

Learn more about submitting Lenses with Scan Triggers in Lens Studio