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Scan is an AR experience that senses, enhances, and transforms the physical world around us. Scanning is a simple and intuitive action that surfaces contextually relevant information when identifying objects, situations and other visual elements.

This powerful technology opens up a new world that merges entertainment, information, and utility. With endless commercial applications, Scan is an exciting new way to search, shop, learn, play, and so much more.

Scan Creative Lenses

Scan surfaces visually relevant Lenses to help Snapchatters capture the perfect Snaps.
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Discover More With Scan

Discover more with Scan contains all of the utility lenses Scan has to offer, from Shazam to Vivino.

Scan Utility Lenses

Solve math problems, identify dog breeds, learn about different plant species, and more using Scan Utility Lenses.


Snapcodes are the easiest way to discover new content on Snapchat. Unlock experiences for the millions of Snapchatters that use Snapcodes every day.

Scan Marker Lenses

Scan Marker Lenses allow you to create AR experiences tied to image markers that can be easily discovered via Scan.

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